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The Future of Ownership

Leading the way in a new era of customer loyalty and engagement. Where the value is placed on the individual, not just on their transactions.

At our core, we're in the business of building lasting connections between brands and fans

Being an owner is special and creates a unique relationship between you and your community.

The RareCircles platform welcomes and connects audiences from sports fans to high-value customers and product users.

Unlock Your Community’s Full Potential Through Shared Prosperity

At RareCircles, we believe that by empowering individuals and businesses to work together, we can unlock the full potential of our communities.

We provide the tools and resources needed to create a collaborative ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

By incentivizing cooperation and rewarding contributions, we're able to foster a culture of shared success.

Investor Partners

We're proud to be supported by leading investors, including Tiger Global, White Star Capital, Alpaca VC, Hashed, Detroit Venture Partners, Crew Capital, Basecamp, 6MV, Not Boring, Late Checkout, and Rief Ventures.

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If you're passionate about empowering communities, we'd love to connect. Check out our open roles and see how you can participate in the RareCircles revolution.

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