How to Promote an NFT in 7 Simple Steps

Do you have the perfect idea for an NFT project? Learn how to promote your NFT in 7 easy steps.

Nick Lighter

You have the perfect digital asset and you understand its financial potential. But do you know how to get people to buy your NFT?

NFTs are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. This has led to the rise of an NFT advertising industry, where NFT promoters promise their digital marketing expertise will pay off big. Sometimes these strategies work. And sometimes they don’t.

Instead of offering our picks for the best NFT promotion services, we want to show you how you can promote your NFTs yourself. In this way, you can both drive sales as well as create a strong community around your brand that can help you grow.

Pick your platform

The first step to promote an NFT (after you create the digital art, video, or other asset) is to decide where you want to sell it. The platform you choose can make a big difference. Many choose to list their NFT project exclusively on NFT marketplaces. 

That popularity means that there is loads of competition on those sites, and it can be hard for your fans to find you. That’s why we prefer building your own NFT platform as we’ll discuss in a moment.

No matter what platform you choose, make sure that it can

  • Mint your NFT
  • Manage the smart contracts
  • Provide visibility
  • Sell on your preferred blockchain

It may also be a good idea to look into the relevant gas fees and other costs of minting your non-fungible tokens to see whether you’ll pay these upfront or if the buyer will cover them on purchase.

Create your own NFT storefront

When it comes to promoting your NFT, having your own NFT storefront has many real benefits. RareCircles can help you meet all of the platform criteria we listed above and offer complete visibility to promote your NFT collection. Since you won't be competing with others in the market, your storefront can be all about brand awareness and your project.

Craft your roadmap

NFT advertising is all about the roadmap. As we explain in our guide, “The roadmap is a fundamental aspect of an NFT project — it’s your chance to provide clarity and transparency around your venture, the kind of community you want to build, and what people can expect for their investment.”

Your roadmap is your chance to tell buyers what they’ll get for their money. Ask yourself:

  • Is it just a single piece of digital art? 
  • Is it that piece of art and something in the future? 
  • Are there incentives for a single buyer if more people buy? 
  • Will you offer commercial rights with your NFT?

Make a plan, make it compelling, and make it transparent.

Offer more

One of the best ways to get people to buy your NFT is to offer more than just a piece of digital art. Some of the most successful NFT projects offer

  • NFT memberships, 
  • collaborations,
  • ongoing relationships with their buyers. 

Inspire influencers

The right roadmap can help catch the eye of influencers relevant to your target audience. Influencer marketing can be very powerful for promoting an NFT. If you can get high-visibility people to talk about your NFT on social media, you have the chance to capture the attention of their fanbase as well. This is the power of a great story.

Get Social

In addition to getting some influencer help, you’ll want to spend time (and maybe money) promoting your NFT on social media. In addition to the more mainstream social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there are a few other channels to try. 

Your audience can be anywhere. Promote your NFT on Discord, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Digital Artist Craig Blackmoore says “Another level of the community lives within these discord servers. This is where discussions take place, events are streamed, calls are set up, new projects are promoted, problems get solved, and new ideas manifest.”

Build a community

And finally, the best way to promote NTFs is by building a community of support and buzz around your project. Digital Business Lab explains “NFT marketing is about trustable community building. One of the most appealing values behind a successful NFT collection is its community. Owning certain NFTs is like a community pass or a membership that grants holders exclusive access to an online social club or premium perks such as limited edition drops, etc.“

Promoting your NFT doesn’t take an NFT marketing agency. A solid community can turn into an army of NFT promoters who understand that if your NFT gains value, the NFT they already own does as well. Sometimes the best NFT marketing services come from your most loyal fans.

Create your own NFT project and start building your community today. 

Want to learn more about selling NFTs? Get started here.

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