What to Do After Your NFT Project Has Launched

What to do After Your NFT Project has Launched? We've got some helpful suggestions so your brand can get the most out of your NFT launch

Nick Lighter

You did it! Your weeks (months?) of hard work are finally paying off. It’s time to launch your NFT!

So now it’s time to sit back and watch the cash pour in, right? For the very lucky few, maybe. For the rest of us, it’s time to move to the next stage on the NFT launch calendar.

Launching a successful NFT project is like launching other kinds of products or creative ventures. They take time to plan, but they also take time to nurture. The course of action after you launch an NFT project will depend a lot on what type of NFT drop you have in your roadmap.

Deliver on Your Roadmap

Some sell their NFTs on a first-come-first-served basis. The key here, of course, is scarcity to drive traffic in a quick burst. Other NFT creators love the time-limited approach, selling as many NFTs as possible until the timer runs out. Others sell NFTs in an auction format, selling unique NFTs to the highest bidder. 

Each of these approaches calls for a different type of marketing campaign leading up to the launch, and for a different approach after. 

Court Your Community

No matter how you plan your launch to play out, once you’ve dropped, it’s time to court your community. Reach out to buyers and ask them to help promote the brand. It’s also a time to help your community to grow.

Email marketing can be helpful, but if your audience isn’t already on your mailing list, it can be hard to connect. There are entire NFT marketing agencies out there as well if you need a little boost.

A Medium article suggests that press releases might be helpful, especially if your brand is doing something unique with your NFT project. “Press releases might be more expensive, but maybe you can find some deals or even benefactors. Maybe you can negotiate a few press releases for an NFT. If placed on the right websites, you can get ahead and get lots of new members.”

Don’t forget that your NFT should be a piece of your brand, and you should use this as a chance to cultivate the community you want. You might consider hosting a game, a contest, or inviting owners to a private discord server. As we say in our Guide to Roadmaps, “This is your first, best chance to attract desired community members, so don’t blow it.”

Nudge the Influencers

If your NFT marketing strategy includes influencer marketing, make sure they are keeping the hype alive. If your sales are ongoing, get your influencers to promote your NFTs by offering incentives, access, prizes, or bonuses as sales go up. The NFT space is crowded, but the right influencer can elevate your project above the din.

NFT holders like to show off their NFT collections, so it may be possible to lionize your new owners into a raging hype mob on your behalf. Help them to understand that when your brand’s perceived value increases, the value of their NFT goes up and up.

Maintain the Social Media

Your target audience is on social media. We promise. So you should be all over a variety of channels promoting your NFT. 

If you haven’t already, create a Twitter account for your NFT project. Make yourself known on Instagram, Facebook, and all of the other more traditional channels.

But don’t forget that NFT fans spend time on other platforms as well. Make sure you have a presence on Discord. Do AMAs on Reddit. Get yourself on Telegraph. 

Go find your crowd where they are.

Bring Your Audience to You

But once you’ve found them, bring them home. At RareCircles, we are big believers in NFT creators operating their own NFT storefronts, as opposed to selling only in the large and crowded markets. If your new followers have to struggle to find your project, it can be much less effective than visiting your NFT collection in its own shop.

That shop can function as a community hub. 

As we explain in our blog, “We are humans. We crave community. Up until a couple hundred years ago, we relied on social bonds to stay alive. Now that our survival is underwritten by grocery stores and WiFi, communities look a little different, and the roles they play are changing.”

NFTs can give your users access to your club.

Learn more about how you can create your own NFT project and start building your community.  See the tricks that brands use to increase loyalty and monetize their audience. Interested in learning more about selling NFTs? 

Learn more about our master class here.

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