How to Sell Your NFT When Your NFT Isn’t Selling

Looking to sell your NFT and jumpstart your brand? Looking to get in the NFT game? Here's how to sell your NFT.

Nick Lighter

Are you wondering how to get your NFT sold? It seemed so easy, right? Make excellent digital art, mint your non-fungible token, and throw it up on the NFT marketplaces, and someone is sure to pay whatever you ask for it, right?

Or maybe you’ve been promoting your NFT on your social media, showing off your full set of digital artwork to all of your followers, but still no sales.

Or maybe you are new to this game, and wondering how you start selling NFTs.

Wherever you are in your NFT journey, we’re here to show you the best way to sell an NFT. So, come on in.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Remember the old breakup line, “it’s not you, it’s me?” The saying works for NFTs as well. In fact, it’s true for all arts marketing and marketing overall.

In a recent article in Culture For Hire, business theorist Bob Modesta is quoted as saying “Only your customer can determine your value! However well-meaning your aspirations are, they are not enough to sell your product. People want to be their definition of best, not yours. It’s about fitting your product into their life.”

To put this another way, the best way to sell anything is to help your potential buyer understand how it makes their lives better, richer, or more fulfilling.

This gets tricky with NFTs. If what you are selling is just one piece of digital art in an NFT platform full of other artists, the story you are telling needs to be the strongest in the room. It’s not easy to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Even if you have a massive social media following, selling an NFT is not a done deal. Entrepreneur Magazine says, “A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that once they build the online community and amass thousands of followers, selling will be practically effortless. So it becomes a not-so-pleasant surprise when they announce a new course, book, or event, and nobody bites.”

Entrepreneur goes on to explain “Just because people are liking and commenting on your posts doesn't mean they'll buy from you. Feeling compelled enough to press a button and feeling compelled enough to pull out a credit card are two totally different motivations.”

You can create NFTs, make NFT collections, and promote your digital assets across the internet—but selling an NFT involves something more.

How to Get Your NFT Sold

Culture For Hire explains:

“When you stop marketing your product, and instead start selling the transformation your product can provide, your focus shifts from who your target audience should be in terms of demographics and previous purchase behaviors—to who needs that particular transformation in their lives. The result? Your product doesn't change, but your ‘target audience’ expands dramatically beyond those who already know and like your product.” 

When you are selling an NFT, part of what you are selling is digital art, but the rest is you and your brand. If you can help your audience buy into your story, buying and selling NFTs becomes a much easier transaction. 

Here are two tips for doing just that:

Unify Your Story in One Place

If you are an artist or a brand, and your NFTs are scattered across multiple platforms, it can be difficult to unify your story. Even with social media, it can be hard to make sure that your community truly understands who you are and what you are about. 

If you want to sell NFTs, then gathering your assets into your own NFT storefront can be the perfect way to begin to form the community that will sustain your brand. This can become the hub for your story. Your social media prowess can help drive traffic.

Create an Experience

One of the most successful and most popular NFT enterprises in the metaverse is Bored Ape Yacht Club. There’s a reason for this, beyond the really cool and totally unique ape pictures they sell. 

What everyone who buys a piece of digital art from BAYC gets, in addition to their digital asset, is a membership in the yacht club itself. Bored Ape didn’t just create an NFT, they created an experience. 

The secret is, you can do that as well.

By unifying your story, and turning that story into an adventure (or even a lifestyle) you can not only sell your NFT, but create a sticky community of support around your brand.

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