Why You Should Create Your Own NFT Storefront

If you want to sell NFTs, you should consider creating your own NFT storefront. We'll tell you why.

Nick Lighter

When we suggest that creators and brands build their own NFT storefront on our platform, we get many questions. These range from questions about how to create an NFT and sell it, to the benefits of creating your own NFT storefront instead of just selling on an NFT marketplace.

While we answer many of these questions in our blog, we thought addressing some of the themes here was a good idea. In particular, we wanted to talk about how to create your own NFT store. 

What Is an NFT Storefront?

When you create NFT art and sell it you have several choices in how to do that. You can pick an NFT marketplace or you can build your own NFT storefront.

While these sound similar, they are actually quite different. 

Think of a marketplace as a farmer’s market or a flea market. There are dozens of different vendors on hand, all of them selling their NFTs. This is great if you love to browse—I mean REALLY browse. It’s also good if you know exactly what you are looking for and how to find it.

An NFT storefront, on the other hand, is like an individual store at the mall. When a buyer goes there they will know what to expect, the range of options they may find, and the brand story being told when they get there. In other words, as a seller, you can really personalize the entire user experience in ways that a marketplace will never afford.

How Can I Personalize an NFT Storefront?

If you choose the right platform on which to build your storefront, you will have a number of ways to make the (digital) place your own. 

Choose Your Blockchain 

Some platforms will permit you to sell on the Ethereum blockchain, and others will allow others. Some hosts can even manage payments with the US dollar. You’ll want a platform that gives you options in terms of the blockchains you can mint on.

Choose How You Want to Sell

Do you want to sell NFTs for a fixed price to anyone who wants them? Do you want to run real-time auctions? Find a platform that can manage both rights within your storefront. RareCircles, for example, can support the following options:

  • Buy It Now: Used when you're selling multiples of the same NFT or when you have a specific price that you're looking to sell for and don't want to engage in an auction format. 
  • Reserve Auction: Set a reserve price (a minimum bid that buyers must hit for a timed auction to begin). Once a buyer bids at or above the reserve price, a pre-determined timed auction begins. 
  • Timed Auction: Choose a starting price for the NFT and have the auction last for a set amount of time. 

Sell Different Types of NFTs 

There are a few types of non-fungible tokens that you can mint to sell. Two of the most popular are one-of-one tokens and one-of-many tokens. Pick a platform that can sell your digital art the way you want to sell it.

While a number of digital assets can be turned into NFTs, you’ll also want to create your NFT store on a host that can manage the typed of assets you want to sell. The most popular file types are images and videos. 

Customize the Visual Appearance

Imagine the mall if every store looked the same. NFT storefronts should be as personal as your brand is. That means that when you are looking for platforms for your storefront, you’ll want to make sure it’s customizable. 

If you have coding experience, you may be able to build something robust and visually striking without a great deal of help. If you don’t know a browser extension from a hero banner, then a templated option may be better to create your own NFT storefront.

Creating an NFT storefront is more complicated on the back end than building a traditional website—they need to accomplish the same tasks as any website, but also need to be able to: 

  • manage the smart contracts 
  • collect the gas fees 
  • connect to a digital wallet
  • report transactions to the blockchain
  • and more

A template option from the right NFT storefront host should be able to manage these tasks (or walk you through it) almost as easily as hitting the create button. 

Creating your own NFT storefront gives you the ability to tell your story in the most personalized way possible. Creating and selling your NFT in your own storefront will also allow you to turn your NFT project into a community of support for you and your brand. 

RareCircles can offer all of these features and more. You can learn more with our NFT Masterclass. Create your own NFT project and start building your community.

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