NFT powered loyalty

Flexible minting solution

Deploy a smart contract that fits your objectives and turn your customers into stakeholders.

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Combine the power of smart contracts with post mint experiences that take customer loyalty to the next level

Dedicated smart contracts

Smart contracts that enable you to build deeper relationships with your best customers.

No code,
all power

Tap into our catalog of smart contracts and build engaging membership, loyalty and reward programs.

Configurable metadata

Customize your metadata to deliver unique rewards and experiences for your customers.

Launch NFTs to boost your customers’ lifetime value.


Our smart contracts follow established standards which enable interoperability across different applications and marketplaces.


Mint NFTs for a variety of applications, from token gating to membership access.


Deploy your contract on both Ethereum and Polygon. Each blockchain can offer a different set of benefits for your project.


Set your desired royalty rates for future sales on popular secondary marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible.


RC smart contracts can easily be upgraded to include the latest features.


Maintain full ownership of your smart contract—easily transfer or access it at any time.

Hands-off maintenance

Our team of experts is responsible for maintaining your smart contracts so you can focus on your NFT creation.