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February 16, 2022

The Best NFT Classes

The world of NFTs continues to grow, and it leaves many with questions about how to start.

The world of NFTs continues to grow, and it leaves many with questions about how to start. 

While NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) continue to become increasingly popular, they haven’t been around for that long. This led to both confusion, but also a desire to learn more.

And this desire to learn more is being met by organizations all over. After all, if there are people willing to learn about NFTs, then there are people willing to teach. And this had led to an abundance of NFT classes.

However, all NFT courses are not the same. But, if you are wondering whether an NFT class is really worth your time, the answer is “yes” if you are serious about understanding NFTs. Taking on the world of NFTs alone might prove to be a bit tricky without a basic grasp of how the digital  ecosystem operates.

Here is a bit more about NFTs, and some of the highest-ranked NFT classes that might interest you.

Understanding NFTs

Similar to cryptocurrency, NFTs represent the ownership of a virtual asset, and are based on blockchain technology. This blockchain technology is essentially a digital ledger that creates a new block of data whenever an item is moved, or a transaction or trade occurs. After this new block is created, the ledger is unchangeable.

And NFTs can represent a variety of things, from real estate ownership to NFT art, which sometimes comes with surprising affiliated costs. And overall, the global NFT market in 2021 was valued at 15.7 billion.

Considering how new NFTs are, this number is surprising to some. But for others, it is a call to sign up for an NFT course and start to learn how to get in the mix. 

Here are a few of the best NFT courses currently available:

Best NFT Courses

Like cryptocurrency and NFTs themselves, the education model has shifted as well. No longer do you have to find to be on the hunt for “the best NFT course near me” because many of them are online, meaning you can take these NFT classes from anywhere.

To break it down a bit further:

1. NFT Fundamentals

NFT Fundamentals is an NFT class that has been taken by over 26,000 students. What makes this NFT course attractive is that it is for those without any experience. If you want to get into the NFT mix soon, but know little, this two-and-a-half-hour-long NFT course can help.

Designed for students, artists, or those who want to better understand the ins and outs of NFT technology. Additionally, because it is for beginners, this NFT class has no prerequisites for enrolling. Simply sign up and you are on your way.

2. The Complete NFT Course: Art and Tech

The Complete NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Course: Art and Tech has taught over 24,000 students. This NFT class is well-reviewed for several reasons. For one thing, it consists of lectures that are about 11 hours long in total, which means there is a great deal of information provided here. 

Another benefit of this NFT course is that it provides step-by-step tutorials for purchasing, developing, and trading NFTS, as well as an understanding of the marketing and art aspects of NFTs. And even with all of this information, it is still considered an NFT course for beginners.

3. RocketFuel Meta

RocketFuel Meta is an NFT course for those wanting to have a better understanding of investing in the NFT space. The overall goal of this program is to teach users how to leverage financial freedom in the world of NFTs.

This NFT course explains strategies, pricing, and risks that are often associated with the blockchain, and how to fine-tune your skills in the arena.

4. RareCirlces Masterclass: The ABCs of NFTs

The best NFT course, in our opinion, is our very own NFT Masterclass. The RareCircles Masterclass is a free NFT course designed to help you navigate the most important whats, whys, and hows of NFTs. Further, it is consolidated into three NFT courses, which means you can have a comprehensive understanding in no time.

Learn the bare necessities, the anatomy of NFTs, and how to operate NFTs as a business model. This series has everything you need to be a master in the world of NFTs. 

Enroll in the FT Masterclass!

We know you have options when it comes to NFT courses, but at RareCirlces, we have experience. Sign up for our free NFT Masterclass and start your journey toward becoming an NFT expert today.