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February 22, 2023

The importance of customer loyalty in a downturn

In today's uncertain economic climate, customer loyalty has become more critical than ever. With loyal customers spending an average of 67% more than new customers and the recession affecting various industries

Why loyalty is more important than ever.

In today's uncertain economic climate, customer loyalty has become more critical than ever. With loyal customers spending an average of 67% more than new customers and the recession affecting various industries, businesses must retain their existing customers to survive. It's crucial to understand what factors impact customer loyalty, why keeping customers is so important, and how to best serve customers during a downturn while improving loyalty.

What factors influence customer loyalty today?

Several factors can affect customer loyalty, including the economy, consumer behavior, and increased competition. During the pandemic, customers prioritized essential purchases. As a result, they became more price-conscious and shopped around for better deals.

With social media's popularity and widespread adoption, customers can easily share their experiences with others, influencing customer loyalty. A positive customer experience can attract new customers, whereas a negative one can drive them away; a whopping 71% of people will recommend a product or service due to a positive experience. To retain loyal customers, businesses must provide a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Why is customer loyalty more important than ever?

In a downturn, customer loyalty becomes even more critical. Businesses must rely on their existing customers to survive, and loyal customers can provide a stable revenue stream. 

Loyal customers are more likely to 

  1. Repeat purchases,
  2. Recommend the business to others, and 
  3. Provide valuable feedback. 

It's also no secret that retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, making customer loyalty essential for businesses to remain successful during tough economic times.

During a recession, how can you improve customer loyalty?

Prioritizing customer service and providing exceptional value during a downturn is crucial to retaining loyal customers. To achieve this, businesses must communicate effectively with their customers. Information about products or services, updates or changes, and commitment to customer satisfaction must be clear and concise.

While promos and discounts are another way to improve customer loyalty, businesses should be strategic in their approaches. During a recession, discounts and promotions are not good for customer loyalty because they create an expectation of lower prices, and customers may become less willing to pay full price for products or services in the future. 

Additionally, constantly relying on discounts and promotions to drive sales can negatively impact a business's profit margins and long-term sustainability. Instead, companies can reward loyal customers by offering free trials, exclusive discounts, or access to a unique experience instead of providing impersonal blanket discounts or flash sales.

Improve loyalty through subscriptions and memberships.

Besides discounts and promotions, businesses can offer subscriptions and memberships to retain customers. Membership and subscription models offer customers exclusive benefits and discounts, creating a sense of exclusivity and value. Furthermore, these models give businesses a predictable revenue source, making them ideal during uncertain economic periods.

Pro tip: Membership loyalty programs motivate consumers to engage, spend, and spread the word about your brand; 79% said exclusive benefits kept them loyal.

When businesses implement subscription and membership models, they must ensure that the benefits align with the values and preferences of their customers. A business's subscription and membership models must be reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant and valuable to customers.

Businesses must understand what factors impact customer loyalty and prioritize customer service to retain loyal customers during a recession. A stable revenue stream can be achieved during challenging times by providing customized offers, exclusive benefits, and clear communication. Businesses can (and do!) thrive in uncertain economic climates by prioritizing customer loyalty when implementing subscription and membership models.

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