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November 16, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing

You've made a new NFT project, but how do you market it? Here's our Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have launched your NFT! So now what?

We understand this question well. The road to launching an NFT project can be complicated, and many people go about it in ways that aren’t very strategic. While there have been a number of high-profile successful NFT projects, all too often NFT creators rely on luck and hope instead of a solid strategy to take the next step.

Much depends on what you want from your NFT. If you just want to sell some digital artwork to your social media followers, then approaching your launch without an NFT marketing plan in place may be okay. 

But you want to MAXIMIZE the potential of an NFT. You want to turn your target audience into a loyal and sticky online community of supporters of your brand. So you are going to need a marketing strategy for your NFT campaign.

How to market your NFT

There are many ways to make your NFT drop as unique as your brand is. There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Even so, most successful NFT launches will follow this approach in one way or another. 

Build your NFT roadmap

In our Guide to NFT Roadmaps, we explain that “the roadmap is a fundamental aspect of an NFT project — it’s your chance to provide clarity and transparency around your venture, the kind of community you want to build, and what people can expect for their investment.” The NFT roadmap is your chance to decide, and report to prospective investors, exactly what your plan is for your project. It’s key for marketing your upcoming NFT.

Some creators sell their NFTs and that’s the end of the transaction. The buyer gets a digital asset and they are done.

But brilliant brands find a way to leverage their NFT art sale into a long-term relationship with buyers who keep them coming back. Some creators will offer additional assets over time. Some offer incentives if the project launch hits milestones in terms of sales or revenue. The first version turns buyers into loyal customers, and the latter can put them to work helping to sell your NFT.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great roadmap as an NFT marketing strategy. The Harvard Business Review explains, “Looking ahead a few years, NFTs could be the central digital touchpoint between brands and their consumers — and one that is controlled by the brand itself.”

Make an NFT calendar

Once you have your roadmap in place, create a full-scale launch calendar. Determine what your NFT drop marketing strategy will look like.

  • Will you be selling one NFT in a live auction? Will you be selling buyers one of many versions of the same NFT?
  • How many days will comprise the official launch?
  • Who will promote your project on each day leading up to the launch?
  • Will you hold press releases? Email marketing? Where and when? 
  • Will you leverage influencer marketing on launch day? 
  • Where and how often will your brand promote your NFTs on their official channels?

Promote, promote, promote

Then it’s a matter of executing your NFT marketing plan. Make sure that your NFT project or NFT collection is seen in the right places. The NFT space often privileges nontraditional platforms and social media channels. ThinkNW provides an excellent list of “possible NFT communities on which you can engage: Reddit, Quora, Discord, Telegram, Bitcointalk, VeeFriends, LinkedIn, and Facebook.”

While you may not need one, NFT marketing agencies exist that can help you plan your launch. But even without specialist help, marketing your NFT project should be just as carefully crafted as any product or service launch that your brand may plan. 

Under-promise and over-deliver

Everyone likes surprises. Well, good surprises, anyway. That’s why we say that “it’s far better to deliver successfully on a modest roadmap than fail to deliver on a more ambitious one.” But the beauty of NFTs is that you will have a record of every sale in a way that allows you to follow up. 

Maybe you can do a surprise air-drop of a hand-drawn piece of original art. Maybe you can offer your buyers access to a private Discord server where they can talk with and about your brand.

We believe that the key to marketing an NFT project is to think of it as a part of a larger digital marketing campaign for your brand. We can show you how to utilize your NFT to help your company take the next step. We can show you how to create your own NFT project and start building your community.

Interested in learning more about selling NFTs? Learn more about our master class here.