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NFT for Brands

Timeless brands are built by nurturing a mosaic of touchpoints. If you've already made a name for yourself on social media or within your local community, you'll need to get creative if you want to keep your growth on track. As web3 continues to make waves, NFTs are giving brands an entirely new avenue for building a sustainable community, creating new revenue streams, and rewarding their most engaged fans.

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Why should creators use RC?

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Build stronger relationships

Show some love to your crew. Reward your top fans with bonus promos, exclusive content, and premium offerings.

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Create a new revenue stream

Your products are already a hit. Now, it's time to diversify the way you earn

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Develop a new audience

Attract people to your brand and grow your audience to potentially new demographics

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Learn how Dave used NFTs

As a lifelong hot sauce fanatic, Dave got inspired to cook up his own batch after finding hot peppers at the grocery store. Soon, he had grown from sharing samples with friends to stocking his brand at local shops, and finally, bringing on a partner to create a multimillion-dollar business. It was time for Dave to map out a sustainable future for his burgeoning brand: how could he lock in his “day one” supporters while building a more widespread community of sauce savants? Discover how Dave used NFTs to retain and reward his top fans, build an engaged community, generate additional revenue, and give members a say in the future of his product development.

Hot Sauce in a Bowl with Peppers | RareCircles

Top features for Creators

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Code-optional design

Not a coder? We have all the tools you need to make a beautiful site. You can also upload your own HTML/CSS if you’ve got it.

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Flexible currency

Get paid your preferred way. With RareCircles, you can transact in crypto, US dollars, and Canadian dollars.

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Exclusive drops

Everyone loves a limited edition. NFTs allow brands to share exclusive products or offers with their most dedicated fans.

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Tax and KYC compliant

Selling NFTs is totally above board. We make it easy to collect and manage your taxes, and KYC compliance is automatically baked in.

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