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NFT for Creators

So, you've created a course online, and it’s really taken off! Maybe it's a YouTube channel, maybe it's newsletter-based, maybe it's somewhere in between. No matter the platform, your challenge is to continue growing your fanbase and make sure they stay on board. Here’s how RareCircles can supercharge your community and deepen your relationships with your most loyal fans. Hint: it all starts with NFTs.

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Why should creators use RC?

Build stronger relationships

Show some love to your crew. Reward your top fans with bonus features, exclusive content, and premium offerings.

Get paid for your work

Why lean on ads and sponsorships if you could create sustainable, fan-driven revenue instead?

Create a true community

Turn your audience into a full-fledged community. Give fans a place to gather, share ideas, and create even more value.

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Learn how Frida used NFTs

Four years ago, Frida uploaded her first instructional painting video to YouTube. Since then, she's racked up 17,000 subscribers. Now, it's time for Frida to think about a way to scale her offering, monetize her work, and engage with fans on a deeper level. Discover how Frida used NFTs to retain and reward her top fans, build a sustainable community, make money with her art, and give her viewers a way to shape the future of her channel.

Top features for Creators

Code-optional design

Not a coder? We have all the tools you need to make a beautiful site. You can also upload your own HTML/CSS if you’ve got it.

Flexible currency

Get paid your preferred way. With RareCircles, you can transact in crypto, US dollars, and Canadian dollars.

Direct engagement

Communicate with your fans simply and directly. Sort by NFT tier to clean up your inbox and manage your community with ease.

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