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NFT for Events

From wearable tech to second-screen experiences, the event space is currently a hotbed for innovation. And while NFTs largely got their start in the digital art world, they’ve evolved into a powerful tool for festivals, events, and experience curators to deliver incredible value for their audiences. Here’s how businesses just like yours are using NFTs to earn boost revenue, increase loyalty, foster a lasting community, and make their future events more engaging.

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Why should creators use RC?

Build stronger relationships

Show some love to your crew. Reward your top attendees with rewards, exclusive access, and premium offerings.

Create a new revenue stream

Your experiences are already a hit. Now, it's time to diversify the way you earn revenue.

Build a true community

Give fans a platform to gather, share ideas, and create even more value for each other.

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Learn how Vanna used NFTs

Following a red-hot period of growth, Folk Yeah – an event and music festival company – wanted to keep their business on track. Vanna, their VP of Marketing, set out to find a solution that would engage their existing community on a deeper level while adding tons of value for current and future folk music fans.

Here’s how Vanna and her team used NFTs to reward their most loyal fans, share exclusive content and fan experiences, and earn even more money to keep throwing unforgettable concerts and festivals.

Top features for Events

Code-optional design

Not a coder? We have all the tools you need to make a beautiful site. You can also upload your own HTML/CSS if you’ve got it.

Flexible currency

Get paid your preferred way. With RareCircles, you can transact in crypto, US dollars, and Canadian dollars.

Exclusive airdrops

Here’s a surprise everyone will love. Events can airdrop additional NFTs to their audience to provide unique access or rewards.

Gated content

Offer exclusive content online and in the real world through NFTs.

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