Endeavor Snowboards launches Board Member with RareCircles

Oct 26, 2023

RareCircles is thrilled to unveil its collaboration with Endeavor Snowboards, a design-driven snowboarding brand headquartered in Vancouver. Endeavor looked to create an all-encompassing membership program, fostering a deeper connection between its customers and the brand.

Members Not Customers

A key objective of Endeavor was to reward both first time and repeat customers with unique rewards without the need to issue new discounts. Discounting presents challenges for brands on several fronts. While it can attract customers and boost short-term sales, it can also erode a brand's perceived value, reduce profit margins, and create unrealistic customer expectations. 

Endeavor leveraged the RareCircles’ platform to create a free membership program where customers can easily sign-up to become Members of the Board. As members, they get access to unique community events, exclusive rewards and product drops. This enabled Endeavor to create stronger customer experiences driving lifetime value.

Centralising Engagements

Endeavor has cultivated a dedicated following by investing in genuine content (like private video series) and hosting engaging community events (like coffee Fridays, group rides); nurturing connections within the vibrant snowboarding community. Prior to RareCircles, these experiences were fragmented across various digital platforms. 

Further, this fragmented approach fell short in allowing Endeavor to effectively correlate their community engagement efforts with sales. RareCircles consolidates all activations under one seamless customer experience. This not only streamlines operations but also empowers Endeavor with valuable access to first-party data.

Day One

Following their launch, Endeavor’s program has received strong adoption from their community with engagement rates surpassing social and email. The program not only rewards and incentivizes the right type of purchasing behavior, but it also yields substantial first party data from members through the use of polls, surveys and challenges. Endeavor aims to create a program that continues to enrich the customer experience for its members and drive long-term growth for the brand.

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© 2023 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.