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Your NFT journey starts here

The easiest platform for businesses to grow their community, monetize their work, and build a lasting membership.



Easily make NFTs easily across multiple blockchains—no coding required.



Stop relying on ads and social channels you don't control—sell your work on your own terms.



Deepen your relationship with loyal supporters by granting exclusive access to content, products, and events.

Create a branded experience

Seamlessly extend your brand into the metaverse. Your data, customers, and revenue belong exclusively to you.

Beautifully designed templates

Customizable content sections

Pre-built roadmap, FAQ, and “about” sections

Easily embed custom CSS

Monetize your audience

Build an all-new revenue stream without leaning on sponsorships or advertising. It’s just you and your fans.

Sell in fiat (USD, CAD) or crypto (ETH)

Mint on multiple blockchains (ETHEREUM, POLYGON)

Get paid directly as merchant of record

Sell ancillary products/services to NFT holders

Reward your most loyal customers

Launch a community page to interact with your fans and share access to exclusive perks and benefits.

Post premium, members-only content

Airdrop additional NFTs to members

Easily assign membership access

"Brands should be looking at using web3 tools to build stronger relationships with their community. RareCircles is building the tools and resources to make the transition easy and let you focus on what you do best, supercharged by web3."

Packy McCormick

Founder, Not Boring. Web3 Advisor, A16Z

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