How to build loyalty as a wholesale brand

Jul 15, 2023

In today's dynamic and ever-evolving retail landscape, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands face a unique set of challenges when trying to connect directly with their customers. These challenges are further amplified for brands that primarily sell through retail outlets. Traditional avenues of customer data collection and engagement are largely impossible because of retail intermediaries, while building out a direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel is no easier, with high acquisition costs and low engagement rates through pay-to-play social platforms. Despite these challenges, fostering loyalty remains paramount for long-term brand success.

So, why is building loyalty crucial for wholesale brands?

Retail environments don't allow wholesale brands the luxury of gathering customer insights firsthand. And while social media platforms promise connection, they act more as gatekeepers with an expensive pay-to-play model for broader outreach. Lastly, the tightening online privacy measures make it harder to target  audiences and collect vital consumer data.

Amidst these challenges, how does a wholesale brand nurture loyalty and cultivate community? The answer lies in three foundational pillars: building a community, giving customers a voice, and delivering authentic rewards.

1. Building a Community.

The strength of any brand rests upon its community. Wholesale brands should strive to create a loyal tribe of customers who advocate for the product not just because they love it, but because they feel a personal connection to the brand’s values and ethos. This can be accomplished through targeted outreach programs, both online and offline.

Brands can host events, workshops, or pop-up experiences, allowing direct interactions and giving customers a sense of belonging. Digitally, brands can utilize platforms like community forums, podcasts, or even brand-specific apps to connect like-minded consumers.

2. Giving Customers a Voice.

Feeling heard is a powerful sentiment. Wholesale brands should develop platforms where customers can provide feedback, share stories, or even participate in product development. This can be facilitated through periodic surveys, focus groups, or even digital platforms where customers can openly share their experiences and ideas.

Brands that value and act upon customer insights not only improve their offerings but also cultivate a feeling of co-ownership among their user base. This transforms casual consumers into brand ambassadors.

3. Delivering Authentic Rewards.

True loyalty comes from genuine appreciation. Wholesale brands can curate rewards programs that go beyond the usual discount codes or freebies. Think personalized experiences, early access to new products, or exclusive brand events. Integrating a membership or an ambassador program can make customers feel special and valued. These programs should prioritize authenticity, offering rewards that resonate with the brand’s ethos and the customer's needs. 

In an age where digital giants control much of the consumer interaction, building loyalty as a wholesale brand can feel daunting. However, by centering strategies on genuine community building, listening to the customers, and offering authentic rewards, wholesale brands can craft a unique and loyal customer base. These strategies not only help in retaining customers but also in driving word-of-mouth referrals and organic growth.

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RareCircles gives you the power to build memberships your way. Unlock endless possibilities today.

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RareCircles gives you the power to build memberships your way. Unlock endless possibilities today.