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Jumbo Time Wines Membership Breakdown

See how Jumbo Time Wines is transforming a standard subscription program into a membership experience.

Jumbo Time Wines is a Los Angeles-based natural wine company focused on sustainable practices. Jumbo Time is building a movement towards eco-conscious production, ensuring that each step from vine to bottle is performed with the least environmental impact. The company's dedication to creating a community of like-minded individuals is further exemplified through its Wine Club.

The landing page

The Wine Club’s landing page is a product collection page. Its bare bones design lists the different membership products (Fall, Summer, Year Round) with a thumbnail image and link to purchase.

This approach misses a huge marketing opportunity to promote the various benefits of membership while weaving elements of the brand’s narrative and aesthetic.

Creating a landing page that captures the membership experience outside of a simple list of benefits or products can increase brand affinity and conversion. This is a chance for the Jumbo Time marketing team to focus on getting people excited about the brand and membership, rather than just the product (see Endeavor Snowboards for an example of a killer membership landing page).

The tiers and pricing

Seasonal pricing is a relatively uncommon practice in brand memberships. This is likely due to the seasonality of wine consumption behaviours with the highest amount of casual wine consumption occurring during the summer months. In targeting members by season, Jumbo Time is using its pricing and tiering as an acquisition strategy.

Jumbo Time could double down on this seasonal strategy with a fourth holiday or winter membership option (typically another period of high alcohol consumption attributable to the holidays).

This would allow them to attract a potentially untapped market (holiday drinkers) to their membership program.


Tying a membership program to a subscription product is a great way to offer upfront value to members. However, a quick browse of Jumbo Time Wine’s storefront reveals relatively little incentive for members to join. At an average price point of around $26 USD per bottle, the consumer savings are minimal.

From the consumers perspective (and some quick BoE math), it appears that Summer members are actually paying $1.50 more per bottle than the average, while Year Round members save around $1 per bottle.

Considering the high cost of shipping wine, members do actually begin to see a return when factoring shipping costs (members receive free shipping). Assuming average shipping costs of $35USD we can estimate savings.

The savings on free shipping are less obvious for consumers to calculate when making a purchasing decision. Jumbo Time Wines could take advantage of the landing page to promote the savings from free shipping, making it easier for consumers to run quick math to justify the purchase (bonus points if they add a savings calculator based on shipping costs).

Jumbo Time Wines could also increase the perceived value of the program by breaking shipments up into smaller but more frequent deliveries. Offering multiple deliveries also presents multiple touch points to drive loyalty and retention.

Offering members an upfront credit or gift (ie. $25 gift card or free bottle of wine on next purchase) that is of lesser value than the average order is also one strategy to drive signups. By front-loading the value, customers are more likely to signup to your program, yielding higher spend and margins over time.

Additional perks

The program also offers members early access to new products and a 10% discount on all future orders. These additional perks can also be helpful in increasing perceived value and driving conversion into the program. However, Jumbo Time only lists these perks in the product description of the membership products themselves.

Jumbo Time Wines could list these benefits promptly on their Wine Club landing page to increase conversion into the program and further differentiate its program as a true membership experience versus a simple subscription.

As it currently stands, the Jumbo Time Wines Wine Club looks more like a standard subscription than a club. By adding a handful of carefully designed offers and digital marketing collateral, the Jumbo Time Wines team could increase its membership and truly transform this subscription program into a community of brand advocates.

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