RareCircles product principles

Jul 15, 2023

RareCircles' Product Principles serve as the foundation for our entire team, guiding them in their decision-making process on a daily basis. These principles act as a compass, providing a clear direction for every team member, be it the Product Managers, Designers, or Engineers, ensuring that all efforts are aligned towards a common goal. 

As we uphold these principles, we continue to drive progress and hopefully contribute to the overall success of the brands we partner with. Principles are however not absolute and as we evolve as a company so will our principles. We hope that by understanding our principles you will learn to understand us a little better.

Principle #1: Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple is an essential principle that emphasizes simplicity in every aspect of development. It means crafting user experiences and functionalities that are intuitive, streamlined, and easy to understand. By eliminating unnecessary complexities and focusing on the core mission, a simple design ensures that brands can quickly grasp our product's value. Embracing simplicity fosters a user-centric approach, where our product addresses a brand’s needs without overwhelming them with unnecessary clutter.

Principle #2: Focusing on impact

The primary purpose of our design and development process is not merely to create products for the sake of having products. Focusing on impact involves understanding the specific needs and challenges of our customers and tailoring our product to deliver tangible value and positive outcomes. 

Throughout the development process, our teams consider the potential return on investment of different features and functionalities for our brand partners. This approach encourages a more strategic use of time and resources, avoiding unnecessary complexities or frivolous elements that don't contribute to the desired business outcomes of our customers.

Principle #3: Designed for an omnichannel world

We aim to create seamless and consistent user experiences across multiple platforms and channels. Designing for an omnichannel world empowers our brand partners to connect with their customers on multiple fronts, offering a seamless, coherent, and personalized user experience across various devices and touchpoints, ultimately driving greater user engagement. 

The seamless integration of data and user preferences is crucial in an omnichannel design. An omnichannel design enhances user engagement and satisfaction, as users can choose the most convenient channel for their interactions while experiencing a consistent and intuitive interface across all touchpoints. 

Principle #4: Build for mobile first

This design philosophy recognizes the importance of catering to the mobile user experience first and foremost. By adopting a "mobile first" mindset, our designers ensure that the user interface and functionalities are optimized for smaller screens and touch interactions. This often leads to a more streamlined and efficient design, with a strong emphasis on essential features and content.

Principle #5: Powerful yet flexible

Powerful yet flexible refers to the delicate balance of creating a robust application while maintaining the ability to adapt and cater to diverse brand needs and requirements. The "powerful" part involves designing a product with a strong foundation of core functionalities that can deliver significant value to users. On the other hand, the "flexible" element focuses on incorporating adaptability and customization options within the software. It allows brands to tailor the application according to their preferences, workflows, and unique use cases. 

In an ever-changing world, customer experiences are constantly evolving. While we have established guiding principles for the long term, we remain open to adapting and evolving. Our mission is to support our customers in forging deeper relationships with their customers and building profitable businesses.

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RareCircles gives you the power to build memberships your way. Unlock endless possibilities today.

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RareCircles gives you the power to build memberships your way. Unlock endless possibilities today.

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RareCircles gives you the power to build memberships your way. Unlock endless possibilities today.