Season 1 Episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1

Bandit Running – The Power of Community

w/ Nick and Tim West

In this exclusive interview, Nick and Tim West, the co-founders of Bandit discuss the company's journey, mission, and long-term vision. They share their own experience with running, how the brand started with socks, and has grown into a more comprehensive lineup of progressive running apparel. The co-founders also delve into their focus on building a community-centric brand, the development of a new training app, and the influence of the New York running scene on the brand's ethos and aesthetic.

Show Notes:

00:32 Nick & Tim’s Personal Journey and Connection to Running
04:34 The Birth of Bandit
10:09 The Role of New York in Shaping Bandit's Identity
10:52 The Unique Marketing and Growth Strategy of Bandit
26:28 The Importance of Community in the Brand
32:28 The Role of Membership in Enhancing Customer Experience
35:59 Introducing the Program: A New App for Runners
40:00 Observations on the Current State of Running

Stay tuned for new episodes from upcoming guests including Andrea Morris (B, Halfmoon) and Randy Hetrick (TRX, OutFit Training).

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