Customer Engagement

The 5 things you need to consider before starting your membership program

Is a membership program right for my brand?
  • Consider your brand's personality: What makes it unique, and how could a membership enhance it?

  • Talk to your customers: Create a poll on IG stories. Find out what they love about your brand and what they want more of.

  • Jot down some ideas: Quick sketches of what your membership could look like, keeping it fun and aligned with your brand.

What can I offer my members?
  • Reflect on your favorite memberships: Think about the memberships you enjoy, like Starbucks rewards or AAA24 Club. What do you like about them, and how could similar perks be applied to your brand?

  • Examine your current activities: Look at what you already do with your brand on social platforms, like discounts in newsletters, AMAs on IG live or Twitter spaces, and pop-up events. Can you turn these into exclusive brand activations for members?

  • Brainstorm cool perks: Combine your insights with creative thinking to outline unique experiences, discounts, or content that will make your membership stand out.

What type of membership should I create?
  • Consider what fits best: What kind of memberships excite you and your customers—paid, free, earned through engagement?

  • Free vs. Paid?: Paid memberships can provide more exclusive perks and generate revenue, while free memberships may attract a wider audience but require careful planning to balance cost and value.

  • Experiment with ideas: Test out a few with your most loyal followers to find what resonates, considering the value and appeal of different membership types.

Who should I Invite to my membership?
  • Identify your superfans: Who loves your brand the most? Who buys from you the most? Invite them first!

  • Craft engaging invites: Create exciting and personalized invitations that make people feel special.

  • Spread the word: Share the excitement on social media to create a buzz.

How often should I update my membership?
  • Set expectations: decide your involvement level early: Will you engage with members daily or oversee from afar? Determine a schedule that keeps members engaged but also fits your availability.

  • Create exciting communication channels: Set up fun channels like a monthly newsletter, a private Facebook group, or even host regular virtual meet-ups. Keep it lively and engaging.

  • Measure member satisfaction: Regularly ask for feedback and adjust your involvement and content accordingly. Happy members will spread the word about your brand.

  • Keep the excitement alive: Introduce new perks, host unexpected events, or surprise members with exclusive offers to keep them engaged and valued.

Starting a membership program doesn't have to be a chore. With these five simple steps, you'll create a thriving community that loves your brand with creativity and a dash of enthusiasm.

Ready to turn your brand into a community? Start your membership program with RareCircles today and watch your brand grow. Launch your membership now!

© 2024 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 RareCircles Inc. All rights reserved.