Local Builders

The independent running store as brand catalyst

Three global running stores shaping the culture through community, creativity, and innovation.

Independent running stores play a vital role for local running communities. These stores offer a level of service and expertise that goes beyond the transactional, with knowledgeable staff providing tailored advice based on individual needs. Additionally, independent stores contribute to the cultural fabric of a community, offering unique experiences, fostering a sense of belonging, and organizing runs and meet-ups

In recent years, independent running stores have also become key partners to athletic brands in the running space. From supplements to the latest functional apparel, brands are partnering with independent stores to launch new products, create content, host community run and even collaborate on designs The store plays an important role in giving brands access to the local community. In a digitally native environment, IRL interactions foster authentic brand relationships that build trust.

Here are 3 of the coolest running stores in the world:

Renegade Running

Based in Oakland, Renegade was built on the ethos of community, diversity and creativity. In a few short years, Renegade has become a pillar of the bay area running community through its highly curated selection of brands and innovative brand partnerships. In fact, Renegade has worked on collaborative efforts with both next generation brands like Satisfy and established giants like Nike. Renegade also has its own running team and hosts weekly community events and runs. Community is truly at the core of its success.



Initially founded in Lyon, Distance has expanded to 4 retail locations with new locations in Copenhagen and Kenya recently opened. Distance is much more than a running store - it’s a creative studio currently developing some of the most forward thinking concepts in running. This makes it a very attractive partner for brands like On Running and District Vision. Innovation and creativity are the driving force behind Distance’s global domination.


Faux Mouvement

Based in Quebec City, Faux Mouvement stands as a cornerstone for runners at any skill level – a hub that serves as a starting point, gathering spot, and meeting ground. It's more than just a place to grab a coffee or find the right gear; it's a haven for those who often hit the pavement. It's a space where common ground is found, not in unattainable records, but in the language of personal triumphs. Community events are a central focus of this unassuming institution on the rise.


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