Season 1 Episode 5

Season 1 Episode 5

Hooké - Connecting streams with Fred Campbell

w/ Fred Campbell

Fred Campbell, founder of Hooké, discusses his remarkable journey from skateboarding and snowboarding videos to founding the outdoor brand, Hooké. He explains how a pivotal car accident redirected him towards creating an eco-conscious outdoor brand focused on fishing, hunting, and nature preservation. Fred provides insights on business challenges and milestones, his passion, and future vision, touching on recent projects like a book release and collaboration with Grower’s Co, highlighting his commitment to storytelling, conservation, and sustainable living. Fred's narrative intertwines passion, business sustainability, and appreciation for Quebec's natural landscapes.

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Show notes:

08:11 Building a Business in the World of Extreme Sports
12:17 Rediscovering Nature: The Roots of an Outdoor Passion
14:30 Transitioning to Hooké: Merging Passion with Business
17:00 The Creative Freedom of Running Your Own Brand
20:54 Content Creation Philosophy: Quality Over Quantity
24:41 Revolutionizing the Fishing and Hunting Industry
28:41 Democratizing Outdoor Sports and Promoting Conservation
30:00 The Positive Impact of Outdoor Lifestyle and Content
33:34 Celebrating a Decade of Brand Success and Reflections
38:45 The Journey of Building and Selling Grower's Co.
46:56 Vision for the Future and Embracing the Present

Stay tuned for new episodes from upcoming guests including Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage (Left On Friday) and Bill Schufelt (Athletic Brewing).

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