Season 1 Episode 4

Season 1 Episode 4

Run As You Are - At the intersection of running and technology

w/ Larry Lau

In this episode, Ethan interviews Larry Lau, a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a background ranging from digital marketing to being involved in the health and wellness sectors with MyoDetox. Larry shares his journey from being a casual runner to completing his first half marathon and how this transition sparked the inception of Run As You Are – a unique project at the intersection of running, health, and technology. Initially begun as an NFT project, Run As You Are evolved into a hybrid business model that marries health-backed assessments to personalize running gear recommendations with a strong community and e-commerce component. Strategies for engaging traditional running brands and utilizing consumer data to guide product development are also discussed, emphasizing a customer-centric approach that navigates the nuances of brand affinities versus health-led product choice.

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Show notes:

4:35 Introducing Larry Lau: A Unique Journey into Running
7:12 From Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurship: Larry's Background
11:59 The Genesis of Run As You Are: A Web3 Experiment
24:53 Evolving Beyond Web3: The New Direction for Run As You Are
30:13 The Future of Running: Personalized Health and E-commerce Integration
42:57 A Sneak Peek into the Retail Experience and Future Plans

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